Allegiant Airline Flights from Austin to Midway International Airport

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Affordable flights are a call away!

Fly Southwest: AUS to Chicago, Illinois

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Austin to Midway International Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Austin to Midway International Airport

Alice A.

Stress-free booking! I used their website to book a flight and it was so user-friendly! Their online support is amazing too.

Allegiant Airline Flights from Austin to Midway International Airport

Bob B.

I called to book my flight. The customer service rep was absolutely wonderful. He made it super easy to get what I wanted. Great job!​

Top tips for flying out of AUS (Austin) on Southwest Airlines to Chicago, IL

 Things Chicago, Illinois is Known For


Lake Michigan ensnares one's senses with its transcendent beauty. Thrashing waves that whisper of ancient tales as the city skyline reflects in it's profound depths arouses both indescribable joy and haunting sadness.


Chicago's music scene is a euphonic pilgrimage of raw emotional energy. Here, one becomes a living, resonating note in the magnificent symphony of blues, jazz, gospel, and vibrant rock that hums through the city streets.


The Art Institute of Chicago is a poetic recitation of human sentiment, a vast panorama of palpable emotions. Each stroke of a paintbrush, each chiseled sculpture resonates with the whispers of immense passion.


The Chicago Tribune Tower, like a Gothic osprey perched by the river, silently screeches stories of valor. Its resolute stones carry in their crevices, tales of bold journalism etched with relentless integrity.


The Chicago Marathon is a symphony of the human will, a pulsating rhythm of thousands of beating hearts and pounding feet, driving forward with unrivaled determination eliciting both astonishment and inspiration.


Chicago's deep-dish pizza is a dance of flavors that infernoes upon the tongue. This culinary rhapsody is a plush duvet of cheese cradling fragrant jewels of tomato and spicy sausage that triggers unparalleled gastronomic bliss.

FAQs for booking flights from AUS, Austin to Chicago, Illinois on Southwest

Oh, so is there a particular time when tickets are cheaper to book through AirFaresy?

Ah, it's a common myth, my friend. There's this fairy tale that airlines have this secretive, magical time where they just give away cheap tickets. Unfortunately, this mystical ‘best time’ to buy plane tickets is as elusive as Bigfoot. However, with AirFaresy’s advanced algorithms, we strive to ensure that you receive the most cost-effective prices. We work industriously, around the clock, to change the narrative for our customers.

Do I have to join some sort of cult to book on Southwest through AirFaresy or it's a free-for-all deal?

Ha, cults are so last century! No, there's absolutely no membership rite of passage to endure. Rest assured, my friend, AirFaresy operates on a fully inclusive 'free-for-all' basis. You can simply book your Southwest flight from Austin to Chicago without a second thought. We do, however, have newsletters and fantastic offers, if you choose to join our mailing list. But rest assured, no secret handshakes required!

What's the catch, do AirFaresy charge a king's ransom for their telephonic booking service?

Oh absolutely, we demand you to turn over your kingdom for a simple phone booking service... that's if we were living in medieval times! In reality, our telephonic booking service is absolutely free. We believe in making travel as accessible as possible, and that includes helping you book your ticket without pilfering your royal chest.

I suppose luggage comes with an additional fee large enough to fund a small island?

Right, because carrying an extra pair of shoes definitely justifies a new tax bracket! At AirFaresy, we're not interested in taxing you for your essentials. We abide by the airline's guidelines and Southwest's generosity in this area is well known. So, pop in that extra novel or those comfy travel slippers without the worry of buying us our own island!

I bet AirFaresy is just another puppeteer in the airlines' grand scheme to extort more money?

Yes, we are part of an elaborate, world-domination plan where travel agencies take over the planet! Only if we were out of sane business plans! Our purpose at AirFaresy is to ease your travel woes, not amplify them. We help you navigate through the complexities of air travel and ensure you get the best value for your hard-earned money—no puppet strings attached!

What if I decide to cancel my ticket? I presume AirFaresy will make me jump through fiery hoops to get a refund?

Absolutely, acrobat training is a must before you can cancel your ticket. In what alternate universe, right? In reality, AirFaresy adheres to the cancellation policy of the airline you decide to fly with. So, rest easy, you won't have to don a red sparkling spandex suit and perform circus tricks just to get your money back!

Dare I ask, do I get a seat selection option or is it a squabble for window view?

Ah yes, the classic ‘musical chairs in the sky’ scenario! While it could be fun, it's not really how we do things around here. Through AirFaresy, you have the option for seat selection as per the rules and options provided by the specific airline. So, you can secure your window view, without having to wrestle any fellow passengers on your journey!

Flying on Southwest Airlines from AUS (Austin) to Chicago, Illinois

There lies an undeniable sense of excitement and anticipation in the heart of a traveler when embarking on a new journey. One may shine a spotlight on the majestic city of Chicago, with its unique combination of contemporary innovation and timeless tradition. However, just as with any other journey, it’s often the journey itself that forms an integral part of the entire experience. For the discerning traveler contemplating this expedition from the vibrant city of Austin, there’s an airline that effortlessly synthesizes affordability with comfort - Southwest.

Southwest is renowned for not being just about flights, but also experiences. To the traveler, the entire passage from Austin to Chicago is much more than just a trip; rather, it's an opportunity to accumulate memories and experiences. The one-way trip from Austin to Chicago can therefore become an invigorating odyssey of the skies, one that is more than just the transition from one city to another.

Isn't it exciting to envision turning the routine air travel into something to savor? With the right information, a traveler has the potential to unlock the joy in the journey. An understanding of Southwest's flight schedule for example, could be the difference between a rushed, stressful journey, and a laid-back, enjoyable one. Frequent flyers would surely attest to the value of a well-planned itinerary.

Southwest understands that everyone, from the eager tourist to the busy business class traveler, values a seamless passage. Thus, it offers a variety of options, from the convenience of non-stop trips to the economical choice of connecting flights. It's no secret that the frugal traveler constantly has an eye for cheap flights, and Southwest frequently satiates this need with their enviable flight deals. And let’s not forget the night owl - for them, the red-eye flight constitutes a rather appealing option.

The flight duration may seem daunting, but Southwest ensures that in-flight services accentuate the experience considerably. Taking into account the diverse demography of its passengers, Southwest’s offerings ensure that the journey itself is a pleasurable part of the traveling experience. It’s no longer just about the destination, but also about the flight, the sights, the sounds, the experiences - and of course, the memories. There’s a reason seasoned travelers would invariably advise one to pay special heed to this aspect.

In favor of seasoned and beginner travelers alike, Southwest boasts one of the most comprehensive baggage allowance policies. It recognizes the fact that the luggage a traveler carries represents more than merely their necessities. It translates into their readiness for the journey, their anticipation of the destination, and their eagerness to forge new memories.

One may rightly ruminate over the unpredictability of situations and Southwest’s distinct flight cancellation policy provides the necessary reassurances in this matter. Saying goodbye to worry and fostering an environment of assurance is at the heart of its approach.

In the end, it's about more than just the airfare when booking a round-trip from Austin to Chicago with Southwest. It's about comprehending that for the traveler, the journey often signifies as much, if not more, than the destination itself. Whether as a part of their ‘Business Select’ or ‘Anytime’ fare options, or if one opts for their ‘Wanna Get Away’ flight deals, every journey comes with its own ephemeral charm.

It's important to appreciate that when one embarks on a journey, they are often creating more than just a trip - they are molding memories, experiencing moments, and savoring scenarios that become part of their life’s tale.

In the end, for travelers seeking an encapsulating journey from Austin to Chicago, Southwest exhibits the promise of a door to a fascinating blend of enjoyable airfares, captivating in-flight services, and memories waiting to unfold.

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