Allegiant Airline Flights from Austin to Key West International Airport

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Affordable flights are a call away!

Fly Southwest: AUS to Key West, Florida

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Austin to Key West International Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Austin to Key West International Airport

Jennifer T.

I feared online booking, but this process was so smooth and secure. Stellar service indeed!

Allegiant Airline Flights from Austin to Key West International Airport

Mark B.

Unexpectedly had to change my flight last minute. Excellent over-the-phone assistance, no hassle at all.​

Top tips for flying out of AUS (Austin) on Southwest Airlines to Key West, FL

 Things Key West, Florida is Known For


Oh yes, the Hemingway Home. Yet another place the famed author drank and presumably did some writing. A cat sanctuary, a museum - a shrine to the great 'Papa'. A literary haven poured in rum.


Soak in the utterly unique experience of lying on a beach, surrounded by half-baked tourists, slathered in SPF 500. With water so turquoise it gives the Taj Mahal a run for its money. Truly, a sight for the mundane.


Home to a myriad of fish you don't see on your dinner plate. Come, peer into the salty soup and see the majesty of aquatic life. Gaze at the exotic prisoners of the 'educational' Key West Aquarium.


Oh boy! Yet another lighthouse. Climb the 88 steps and marvel at the historic charm oozing from every crevice. Did someone forget their history textbook? No worries, the Keeper's Quarters got you covered.


Witness the geographical marvel - the Southernmost Point. A buoy marking nothing much but everyone's desire to stand at extreme points. Yes, it's the end, the final frontier to drive your Instagram followers green.


Wonder of wonders - a sun setting. Mallory Square packs its every evening with so much joy that it’s undeniable - the sun does revolve around Key West. Experience this utterly rare phenomenon gripping the horizon, daily.

FAQs for booking flights from AUS, Austin to Key West, Florida on Southwest

In a world full of travel agencies and booking platforms, what makes AirFaresy uniquely superior?

Oh, but didn't you know? AirFaresy is the cyberspace's Shangri-La of flight bookings! Our magical combination of competitive pricing, stellar customer support, and intuitively designed technology platform casts shame upon the very notion of commerce. Amidst the drudgery of other platforms, who merely provide 'services', AirFaresy offers transcendent satisfaction.

Does AirFaresy show its loyalty to the benevolent Southwest, or are other flight operators also given a seat at your table?

Well, while we maintain a fond affection for Southwest, with their jovial heart filled logo, we're not quite ready to snub the other airlines. Our platform is democratic, you see. It allows the disenfranchised traveler to explore options from a plethora of airlines, Southwest included, of course. We would never limit your longing for variety.

What is AirFaresy's stance on surprise fees that leap out from under the fare, ninja-like, to assault some unsuspecting traveler's bank balance?

Ah, the classic hidden fee, the jabberwocky of travel. AirFaresy firmly believes in keeping that monster firmly behind the veil. The price you see is the price you pay. No unexpected, contortionist charges here, just honesty and transparency, as clear as the sky you'll be flying in.

I suppose AirFaresy cannot conjure up luggage allowances where airlines refuse, can it?

Ha! If only! Alas, our powers do not extend to the dark arts of materialising an oversized carry-on suitcases within a no-luggage flight. We are mere mortal tech wizards providing you with the information you need to navigate these restrictions. With great power(coding), comes great responsibility (sharing all crucial information).

How foolproof is the booking system of AirFaresy? Can it withstand a symphony of impatient clicks, tireless backspacing, and reckless browser refreshes?

Our platform may just be the digital avatar of Gandalf himself, saying, 'you shall not crash!' to every possible user-induced mayhem. Brave the storm of frantic button mashing and impatient backspacing without fear, as our system stands resolute, unyielding!

I heard sensory overload was requested, with 3D spinning graphs, pivot tables, and more statistics than a NASA supercomputer. Is that what AirFaresy offers?

Our design philosophy was indeed born out of a fever dream for data enthusiasts, but we decided our user interface need not resemble a scene from 'The Matrix.' Instead, AirFaresy doles out only the information you need, in the most digestible manner, aiding in your critical existential decision of choosing the flight with the most legroom.

Apart from tech wizardry and satirical humor, does AirFaresy offer any conventional modes of communication like, say, the telephone?

Indeed, for those with an affinity towards the beautifully vintage technology of telecommunication, we have a dedicated team of human beings who would be absolutely thrilled to communicate via that ancient and noble device we call the 'telephone.' Remember that? A good old-fashioned chat, filled with humor, sarcasm and loads of useful information.

Flying on Southwest Airlines from AUS (Austin) to Key West, Florida

Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up! Because this humorous take on a round-trip flight from Austin to Key West with the ever-engaging Southwest Airlines will leave you chuckling, feeling well-informed, and googling 'flights to Key West' faster than a sneeze through a screen door.

Southwest Airlines, the beloved "bad boy" of the airways, is fabled for its cheap flights and colorful in-flight services. But what happens when you book a flight from the live music capital of the world, Austin, to Key West, the notorious land of sun, sand, and stiff cocktails? Hold onto your in-flight peanuts, folks; this is about to get funnier than a rubber crutch in a hospital.

First off, let's tackle the beast known as Airfare. Yes, the word sends shivers down the spine of even the most experienced globetrotter. However, with Southwest, cheap flights feel as common as a left-handed cat at a dog show. Be it last-minute flights or advance bookings, Southwest, like an old friend, always has your back.

Your baggage allowance on this odyssey is the stuff of legend, with Southwest kindly allowing two free checked bags. So, go ahead and pack in that extra pair of floaties; you might need them in Key West.

When it comes to the flight schedule, navigating through the calendar of connecting flights feels like playing a well-organized yet amusing game of checkers. Direct flights are elusive as a one-legged duck in this route; hence most itineraries will include a layover. Fret not! Layovers are usually in cities that are as tastefully splendid as a bowl of chicken soup on a winter morning. In fact, you might chuckle to yourself, thinking of them as paid mini-vacations. Win-win!

Here comes the fun part - the in-flight services. Southwest's in-flight services have been likened to a well-oiled comedy sketch, delivering a unique blend of practicality and humor. It's no stretch to imagine the flight attendant advising passengers during turbulence, "Folks, we kindly ask you to stay seated when the seatbelt sign is on. Walking around could get you kicked off the plane... by turbulence, that is."

When it comes to seating, Southwest really turns traditional airline hierarchy on its ear. Say goodbye to the rigidity of business class or economy class with assigned seating. Getting a seat of your choice on a Southwest flight is as thrilling as snagging the last piece of pizza at a party. This open-seating policy makes each flight a lively social event, with folks scrambling for the choicest of window views or the comfort of aisle seats.

The flight duration between Austin and Key West is about the same length as a good night's sleep, as long as you're not a bat. You're given a wings-up to wings-down time of about five to six hours, factoring in the one-way breezy layover. So, you'll reach Key West long before you can say, "Wait! I've watched this inflight movie before!"

Journeying from Austin to Key West, be it a first-class getaway, a business trip, or just another mark on your frequent flyer calendar, with Southwest is an experience full of laughter, adventure, and a touch of the unexpected. It reminds us that travel, at the end of the day, should be more than a task; it should be as delightful as a Sunday afternoon nap.

So when is the best time to book this fun-filled, sand-sprinkled adventure? Well, the answer is as simple as asking whether birds enjoy flying – it's now! So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the humor, grab a bargain, and soar high with Southwest from Austin to Key West. Because life, much like a Southwest flight, should be full of laughter, sunshine, and complementary peanuts.

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