Allegiant Airline Flights from Birmingham to Harry Reid International Airport

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Affordable flights are a call away!

Fly Southwest: BHM to Las Vegas, Nevada

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Birmingham to Harry Reid International Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Birmingham to Harry Reid International Airport

Jeffery M.

The website was concise and easy to navigate, booking was a breeze! Appreciate the user-friendly design.

Allegiant Airline Flights from Birmingham to Harry Reid International Airport

James S.

Impressive phone service! Staff were courteous and helped modify my booking without any fuss.​

Top tips for flying out of BHM (Birmingham) on Southwest Airlines to Las Vegas, NV

 Things Las Vegas, Nevada is Known For


Ah yes, the Strip: an awe-inspiring stretch of opulence and excess. With its dazzling neon lights and intricate water shows, it truly embodies Vegas' unapologetic dedication to frivolity.


Las Vegas, a playground for the hopelessly optimistic. Its grand casinos lure in fervent gamblers assuring them of fortunes- a tantalising promise more elusive than a desert mirage.


Vegas offers a smorgasbord of visual treats in the form of shows. Whether enchanting Cirque du Soleil flippery or heart-melting Celine Dion crooning, there's something for every delectation palate.


Las Vegas, the promised land of whimsical unions. From instant chapel weddings to Elvis-themed ceremonies, our dear city turns every nuptial into a ludicrous carnival, redefining matrimonial norms.


An eating tour de force! Las Vegas promises a dizzying gastronomic landscape, accommodating both Michelin-star snobs and late-night junk food enthusiasts - it truly is a spot of culinary hedonism.


Museums in Vegas are no humdrum affair. Are you in the mood for old-timey Mob stories at the Mob Museum or a neon-sign graveyard tour? Las Vegas delivers history with a hearty side of character, unremarkable is not on our menu.

FAQs for booking flights from BHM, Birmingham to Las Vegas, Nevada on Southwest

What's the biggest perk of booking my Birmingham to Las Vegas flight with AirFaresy?

Well, booking your trip with us means embracing a world of ease, y'know? Our easy-to-navigate website is designed with you in mind. Plus, if online isn't your thing, we've got a team of travel wizards waiting by the phone to take your booking, too.

Does AirFaresy work with Southwest?

Absolutely, we're in cahoots with Southwest, along with many other major airlines. Our goal's to offer you the widest choice possible, so you can find your flight fit.

Can AirFaresy help me get the best deal on my flight from Birmingham to Las Vegas?

Ah, you've got a nose for a bargain, don't you? Our service digs through tons of different airlines looking for the best deals around, just for you. With us, you're always in good hands.

What's the process of booking a flight from Birmingham to Las Vegas over the phone?

Easy as pie! All you gotta do is give our friendly agents a call, tell them your preferences and they'll whip up the best flight for you. They're the Van Gogh's of flight-booking - real experts who can paint you the perfect journey.

How can I trust AirFaresy will provide a safe and comfortable flight?

We're all about trust, so we've filled our website with heaps of useful info. Reviews, ratings, you name it! To make the experience even smoother, each inquiry is handled by our top-notch customer service. Safety and comfort? They’re our middle names.

Can I book special amenities, like extra luggage, with AirFaresy?

Why, of course! Our service handles all the nitty-gritty details - from extra baggage allowances to specific meal requests. With us, you'll be flying easy and comfortable, and arrive in Vegas without a care.

What if my flight plans to Las Vegas change?

Life throws curveballs, we get it. With AirFaresy, you can have as many swings as you need! We always aim for timeline flexibility, so we can handle changes like pros.

Flying on Southwest Airlines from BHM (Birmingham) to Las Vegas, Nevada

You've decided it, haven't you? The city that never sleeps is calling your name, and you are ready to answer. The glittering lights of the Las Vegas strip are a mere flight duration away, and Southwest is your golden ticket from Birmingham. This compact narrative of your upcoming journey is your trusty guide, answering questions, dispelling doubts and ensuring your trip is as smooth as an untouched Martini.

We'll start with the big one: the flights. Undoubtedly, Southwest is your airline of choice due to its reputation for reliable service and the appealing flight deals it frequently offers. Of course, your location in Birmingham throws a minor hitch into the works - namely, there are no non-stop flights. Don’t fret; all it requires is one minor, well-timed layover that won't be even a blip in your adventure radar. Every great tale needs hurdles after all, doesn't it?

Your journey begins at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport. Fascinatingly, despite being a smaller airport, it offers a wide range of domestic and a handful of international flights. Of course, your eyes are set on Las Vegas. Your road — or skies, to be more exact— to Las Vegas begins with a small detour. A quick stop at either the Dallas Love Field, William P. Hobby airport in Houston, or the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport awaits you. All these connecting points are efficient, bustling hubs that ensure your layover will be quick and seamless, leaving you plenty of time to get onto that eagerly-awaited Vegas flight.

The beauty of the layover lies in the opportunity to stretch your legs, grab a quick bite or nap, and then board your connecting flight to your final destination. The flight duration from your layover to Las Vegas will not exceed four hours. A perfect length, long enough to catch a quick movie in-flight or pen that last-minute email before your holiday truly kicks off.

The second important aspect to consider while choosing Southwest: they offer one of the most generous baggage allowances among domestic airlines. So feel free to pack that extra pair of shoes or throw in that thick novel for the flight. Southwest values your comfort, and they certainly won't nickel and dime you for bringing along the necessities (and a few non-necessities!). Relax, knowing your belongings will accompany you safely and conveniently to your destination.

If you hadn't already signed up for their frequent flyer program, known as Rapid Rewards®, this might be a good time to do so. By enrolling, you earn points for every dollar spent on Southwest flights, hotel stays, car rentals and even credit card purchases; these points take you closer to your next adventure.

In conclusion, your journey from Birmingham to Las Vegas on Southwest Airlines is a round-trip ticket to an unforgettable experience. Despite the layover, the in-flight services, generous baggage allowances, and the opportunity to engage in their mileage program round off the journey to make it as convenient and enjoyable as possible. So embrace the early start, the hustle and bustle, the brief layover, and the miles flown, for ahead of you waits Las Vegas, pulsing with life and excitement. Your story is ready to unfold.

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