Allegiant Airline Flights from Birmingham to General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport

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Affordable flights are a call away!

Fly Southwest: BHM to Peoria, Illinois

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Birmingham to General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Birmingham to General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport

Michael B.

Solid service! Their online platform made booking my first flight a breeze. Totally hassle-free and user-friendly. Cheers to more travels.

Allegiant Airline Flights from Birmingham to General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport

Sophia J.

Was easy to change my flight over the phone! The person I spoke with was super helpful and understanding. Thank you for your amazing help!​

Top tips for flying out of BHM (Birmingham) on Southwest Airlines to Peoria, IL

 Things Peoria, Illinois is Known For


Peoria, the pretty princess of the Prairie State, snuggles right up to the riverside, Flaunting the flora and fauna alike, the Great River Road is something to behold, people!


Calling all sailors (technically, passengers)! Climb aboard the Spirit of Peoria, a paddle-wheel riverboat that is more nostalgic than your grandma's apple pie.


Whether you're a big fan of big machines or not, the Caterpillar Visitors Center is a space where iron giants reign, quietly whispering "bet you can't move me!"


The Peoria Zoo, an animal enthusiast's utopia. Home to creatures from the four corners of the globe. Even the laziest sloth is eager to meet you.


A kid's dream-come-true and a parent's day-off-in-disguise, the Peoria Playhouse Children's Museum offers educational fun, playtime disguised as learning time.


Feast your eyes on a tangible treasure trove of history, science, art and achievement at the Peoria Riverfront Museum - culture vultures assemble!

FAQs for booking flights from BHM, Birmingham to Peoria, Illinois on Southwest

What should I anticipate to pay when booking a flight from Birmingham to Peoria on AirFaresy?

Well, my friend, pulling out the exact price from the magical hat of airfares, taxes, and fees might remind you of a rabbit's nervous escape at a magician’s show. Prices can be as slippery as an eel, varying as per the season, the day you book, and your spell casting abilities... I mean, your booking skills. But fear not! AirFaresy's advanced booking system, often mimicking a truffle pig, snuffles out the best deals and the most affordable prices for you! Isn't that just... flyer-fantastic?

How may I compare the fares of different airlines using AirFaresy?

A comparison of fares with AirFaresy is as easy as your Nan’s apple pie recipe. Just tap in your desired flight information and voila! It’s like you have every airline at your fingertips, lined up and singing: 'Pick me! Pick me!'. Yes, even we pinch ourselves sometimes at our incredible fare-comparing wizardry – that's just how awesome we are!

Can I book a Southwest flight through AirFaresy?

I can see you are a person of impeccable taste! Southwest flights within your grasp when you browse through AirFaresy's booking portal. Just as sure as an armadillo loves tumbling, we make it easy to book Southwest flights – but remember, we're not married to them. Our platform lets you pick and choose from all airlines flying your desired route!

Can I change or cancel my flight via AirFaresy?

Of course, delightful traveler! AirFaresy understands that life is as unpredictable as a chameleon on a skittles bag. Hence, we offer seamless process for changes or cancellations. So don’t worry about setting your plans in stone, you can always mold and shape them with us at any time!

Does AirFaresy provide customer support?

And how! Think of us as your friendly neighborhood Spiderman – always there to help you when things go up in the air (pun definitely intended!). Our skilled representatives are as reliable as Swiss clocks, available round the clock, and their helpfulness might just make you think of them as your fairy godmothers in distress!

Is the AirFaresy platform user-friendly?

Well, calling our platform user-friendly would be quite the understatement! It's more like your beloved pet – excitedly wagging its tail (or features) with the anticipation to serve you. To put it academically, AirFaresy leverages state-of-the-art technology to provide intuitive UI/UX design that makes it as easy as pie to navigate...even easier than the pie your grandma bakes!

What add-on services does AirFaresy offer with trip bookings?

On the humorous note, we offer anything short of serving you breakfast in bed! AirFaresy strives to offer a cornucopia of add-on services such as hotel booking assistance, car hire services, and by Zeus' beard, even travel insurance! All this to make your journey smoother than a dolphin's backflip!

Flying on Southwest Airlines from BHM (Birmingham) to Peoria, Illinois

Upon hearing the song of adventure, your boots itched to taste the zest of the path less taken. Your heart sought to beat in rhythm with the pulse of unfamiliar lands. The location? From the humming heart of Birmingham, a calligraphy of industrial splendors, to the whispered charm of Peoria. Your steed? None other than the proud and gallant carrier of dreamers and doers, Southwest.

Somewhere amidst the chatter and clatter of life, it was decided that Southwest would be your winged chariot, your gleaming pegasus. And how fortunate you were to make this choice, for Southwest has mastered the art of catering to the whims and fancies of their 'economy class' voyageurs, a term that pales in comparison to the royal treatment one receives on board. It's a realm where the boundary between business class and economy blurs, painting a canvas lavished with exceptional in-flight service.

One might query, is there a 'Best time to book'? The calculated suggestion would be to keep a keen hawk-like eye on Southwest's flight deals, as they often present enticing offers, transforming the abstract dream of travel into the welcoming arms of reality. For the impulsive adventurer, the daring explorer on a spontaneous quest, Southwest caters to last-minute flights as well, eliciting a sigh of relief from many a nomadic soul.

“Round-trip or one-way?” That, dear pilgrim, is the question. Depending on the song your heart sings, Southwest is a fine orchestra, adjusting to your rhythm with both domestic flights and international ones. If your voyage is akin to a thrilling novel bristling with vivid pages, there exist connecting flights. These sweet little layovers serve as delectable intermissions, enabling you to briefly flirt with exotic locales on your journey to Peoria.

However, if your heart beats on the drum of raw urgency, non-stop flights satisfy the yearning for quick getaway without compromising on Southwest's signature in-flight services. Indeed, whether it be non-stop or connecting, round-trip or one-way, each Southwest journey manifests as a grand seafaring voyage, with our earthly ground serving as the vast oceanic expanse.

Fear not the burden of excess, dear traveler. Southwest, in their infinite wisdom, is generous with baggage allowance. So, whether it's your trusty guitar or mementos from paths traversed, rest assured that your belongings will be treated with utmost respect and care, just like you.

The sagacious voyager among us may query about a mileage program. Well, are you not the fortunate one! Southwest's frequent flyer program nods appreciatively at wanderlust-kissed souls, rewarding them for their loyal patronage. A smart incentive indeed for frequent jetsetters and occasional travelers alike.

So, as your heart soars high upon the red-eye flight, remember one thing - there's Southwest, the airline reviews of which echo of breezy travel and comfort, and then there's the tedious mundane. The choice, dear voyager, cannot be more lucid.

Having shared the wisdom of the road now, we wave you a bon voyage, as Birmingham starts to give way to the beckoning lights of Peoria. Happy winds and serene skies, adventurer.

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