Allegiant Airline Flights from Bellingham to Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport

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Affordable flights are a call away!

Fly Southwest: BLI to Roanoke, Virginia

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Bellingham to Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Bellingham to Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport

Samuel B.

Straightforward and hassle-free. Loved the 24/7 availability online. I could book my flight anytime that suited me best. Will definitely use again!

Allegiant Airline Flights from Bellingham to Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport

Carla G.

Let me tell ya, the customer representative I spoke to was incredibly friendly, patient and knowledgeable. The best phone booking experience I've had in years.​

Top tips for flying out of BLI (Bellingham) on Southwest Airlines to Roanoke, VA

 Things Roanoke, Virginia is Known For


Oh, the highlight of Roanoke. A blazing, neon star relegated to a mountain. Provides a treat for sore night, when its intrusive brightness isn't as appalling.


A mesmerizing 469 miles of scenic roads...because who doesn't love a good, seemingly eternal drive? Perfect for some deep ruminations or plotting world domination.


Drown yourself in the awe-inspiringly mundane. Nothing like a hefty dose of artistic snobbery and cultural pretentiousness flying right over your head.


Scream your lungs out on the merry-go-round because nothing drowns existential crisis better than a good old-fashioned glittery fiesta.


Bask in the glory of historically important vehicles. Riveting. Be prepared to be fascinated...or not.


Fuel your thirst for salvaged interpretation of art and furniture at Black Dog Salvage. If there's a better way to spend a Saturday...well, there probably is.

FAQs for booking flights from BLI, Bellingham to Roanoke, Virginia on Southwest

Is there, by any ridiculous chance, a non-stop flight from Bellingham to Roanoke on this wondrous platform called AirFaresy?

Well, wouldn't that be a hoot, flying straight from Bellingham to Roanoke without the minor inconvenience of swapping planes. Sadly, the universe is not that kind. As of now, our esteemed platform, AirFaresy, does not offer direct flights from Bellingham to Roanoke. You will have to grapple with the agony of at least one stopover. We promise it will be part of the adventure!

Could you miraculously tell me if Southwest flies this route I'm looking at, or am I just hoping against hope here?

Oh, such wild dreams you have, hoping to fly Southwest from Bellingham to Roanoke. Regrettably, Southwest proves elusive on this route as well. Hope is a good thing, my friend, but perhaps not in this case. However, AirFaresy offers plenty of other respectable airlines to choose from to console yourself.

On a lark, I was wondering if I could book my tickets over the phone, or am I stuck in the digital age on your platform?

We understand, sometimes pressing buttons on a phone is more satisfying than tapping on a lifeless screen. Fear not, dearest customer, AirFaresy does cater to the 'old-school', offering booking services over the phone, in addition to the requisite digital platform.

Should I entertain the idea of being able to select my favorite seat, or is that too much to ask for?

Is 'Control over one's seating destiny' really that big of an ask? Apparently, some airlines seem to think so. While AirFaresy can't guarantee your favorite seat (we're not miracle workers!), we do facilitate most airlines' pre-seating selections where available. It's clearly the least we can do.

Will I be graced with any delectable in-flight meal on my flight, or should I pack an extravagant picnic?

Ah, the age-old 'to feast or not to feast on-board' conundrum. In-flight meal offerings entirely depend on the specific airline policy, and not on the whims of AirFaresy. Allow us to recommend checking the airline’s policy whilst booking, or risk resorting to stale sandwiches packed from home.

What's the possibility of receiving an enchanting surprise of an upgrade on my economy class ticket?

Oh, the sweet allure of spontaneous upgrades! Our platform AirFaresy, despite being a prodigious dispenser of airfare deals, unfortunately cannot perform the wizardry of providing unexpected upgrades. Kindly check with the airline in question for such thrilling possibilities.

Does your platform, by any astonishing chance, offer any rip-roaring deals or discounts that I should know about, or is it just as boring as the rest?

Boring? Us? Never! We strive to be the life of the party with thrilling deals and discounts regularly posted to our website and social media channels. Keep your eyes peeled, and your trip from Bellingham to Roanoke might just become slightly less wallet-depleting.

Flying on Southwest Airlines from BLI (Bellingham) to Roanoke, Virginia

Taking the first step towards your upcoming voyage can be incredibly thrilling, especially when it involves examining a multitude of enticing airfare options. Your destination? The enchanting Roanoke, nestled in the heart of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains. Your originating point? The picturesque Bellingham, a coastal escape located in Washington State. The chosen carrier to aid your travel is none other than the reputable Southwest Airlines.

As I narrate my experience of choosing Southwest for my flight from Bellingham to Roanoke, I hope to engender a mutual appreciation for the remarkable services provided by the airline while also addressing important considerations to aid in your travel planning.

My Southwest journey began with a comprehensive perusal of flight options. Engaging with the booking process, I was inundated with a variety of flight options such as round-trip, one-way, or even last-minute flights. With Southwest, flexibility was evidently the key. Continued scrutiny of Southwest's offerings led to another realization - their distinct lack of hidden fees, a refreshing transparency in an industry rife with ascendant and unexpected costs. This, notably, echoed in their baggage allowance policy; the first two checked bags flown free, a rarity amongst North American airlines.

While my task was to identify cheap flights, I faced a conundrum in choosing between Direct flights, Non-stop flights and flights with layovers. It's relevant to note that the term 'Direct flight' often misleads, as it indicates a flight with one or more intermediate stops, but under one flight number. Non-stop flights, on the other hand, offer the expediency of zipping from Bellingham to Roanoke without stops. However, given my flexible schedule, I chose a connecting flight that allowed a short visit to another city en route Roanoke - an excellent way to maximize the travel experience.

In contemplating the best time to book, several trusted travel reports suggest a window of 1 to 3 months before the date of travel for domestic flights within the United States. My personal experience concurred with this advice, unearthing some of the best flight deals within that timeframe.

Southwest's diligent flight schedule was another key attribute. My research revealed an excellent on-time performance score, reaffirming their commitment to passenger convenience. As a frequent flyer, I was delighted to understand the nuances of their mileage program, Rapid Rewards. A stellar rewards program, it allowed for easy earning and redemption of points on all ticket purchases.

However, it was during the actual flight duration that the true substance of Southwest unfurled. Their in-flight services were a testament to their aim of creating a comfortable and gratifying experience, their warm hospitality flawlessly balanced with professionalism. Albeit Economy Class, I was treated to an array of complimentary drinks and snacks, while the staff ensured a pleasant environment during the flight.

In retrospect, I marvel at my Southwest journey, which was far from just a means to an end. The blend of affordable options, clear and comprehensive procedures, and their meticulous attention to punctuality and passenger comfort transformed the journey into an experience in itself. Now, as I seek to share this reflective insight into my trip from Bellingham to Roanoke, I vouch for the solace and fulfillment that Southwest extends beyond the airfare and flight schedules: a genuinely heartfelt and engaging journey.

If you plan on embarking on a similar journey, I encourage you to delve into Southwest's offerings, soaking in their immense dedication to superior service, right from booking to the final touchdown. Your journey with Southwest is sure to transcend the basic expectancy of air travel, adding a pinch of delight and a dash of enchantment to your Roanoke sojourn.

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