Allegiant Airline Flights from Baltimore to Bangor International Airport

Affordable flights are a call away!

Affordable flights are a call away!

Fly Southwest: BWI to Bangor, Maine

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Baltimore to Bangor International Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Baltimore to Bangor International Airport

Jessica M.

OMG! So easy to use the website and find the best fares, and I love the flexible date feature!

Allegiant Airline Flights from Baltimore to Bangor International Airport

Ronald T.

Booked a flight over the phone, customer service was fantastic. Smoothest experience I've ever had.​

Top tips for flying out of BWI (Baltimore) on Southwest Airlines to Bangor, ME

 Things Bangor, Maine is Known For


Ah, who could forget Bangor's claim to fame as the home of renowned horror novelist Stephen King? Not only is it his residence, it is also the inspiration for many of his eerie tales.


You'll find a giant statue of the legendary lumberjack, Paul Bunyan, smirking at you. It's a cheeky nod to Bangor's rich logging history. Definitely an amusing sight!


The Universalist Church invites introspection. A beautiful example of the Gothic Revival architecture, it whispers tales of Bangor's past, providing a tranquil setting for quiet reflection.


A test of patience, skill, and a chance to bond with nature! The Penobscot River salmon-fishing tours are definitely one of the entertaining highlights of a Bangor visit.


Need a creative spark? The University of Maine's Museum of Art in Bangor offers thought-provoking works that are a delight to the senses and the soul.


Lose yourself (quite literally!) in the Whispering Pine Tree Maze, a delightful excursion that has visitors giggling and scratching their heads in equal measure.

FAQs for booking flights from BWI, Baltimore to Bangor, Maine on Southwest

What makes AirFaresy the best choice for booking my journey from Baltimore to Bangor?

AirFaresy, your devoted portal to stress-free travel, harnesses a unique blend of character, expertise, and innovation. We streamline the booking process, easing your passage from the bustling streets of Baltimore, blazing with life, to the charming maritime whispers of Bangor, nestled in the heart of Maine. Our service offers an array of flight options, including your preferred choice, Southwest, amongst many others. Our aim? To paint a vivid sky of possibilities for your journey, resonating with your specific needs.

How user-friendly is the booking process on AirFaresy?

On AirFaresy, we've redefined the concept of ease. Our modern, well-crafted user interface makes flight booking as effortless as a summer breeze. Whether you're a digital nomad, a first-time traveler, or simply someone seeking a quick getaway, we've woven your needs into the fabric of our platform. Our service breathes life into your journey, creating a vivid panorama of flight options from Baltimore to Bangor that's as intuitive to navigate as it is comprehensive.

I prefer flying with Southwest, can AirFaresy cater to this preference?

Indeed, your preferences power our service. AirFaresy acknowledges your affinity for Southwest's signature hospitality and dedication to service. Thus, we will skillfully scour our databases, weaving a tapestry of Southwest flights from Baltimore to Bangor that match your coveted travel schedule. However, we also furnish you with alternatives from other airlines, giving you a kaleidoscope of options, allowing you to kindle vibrant new experiences.

Are there potential discounts or offers that can be availed through AirFaresy?

AirFaresy is more than just a booking platform, it's a dynamic web of value woven meticulously for our users. We consistently knit together a selection of special offers, discounts, and packages tailored to your journey from Baltimore to Bangor. Our aim is to not just illuminate your path to affordable travel, but to fuel your spirit of discovery with irresistible deals that stretch beyond your preferred Southwest flights.

Can I also book my return ticket on AirFaresy?

Absolutely. AirFaresy cherishes the narrative of your entire journey. Our service effortlessly orchestrates your return flight from the scenic Bangor back to the animated cityscape of Baltimore. With each click, we etch into reality your desires, giving you the freedom to arrange your travels on a canvas as broad as the sky, returning you safely to your home decked out in the colors of familiar skies.

What assistance does AirFaresy provide if my flight gets cancelled or rescheduled?

Journeying with AirFaresy means you're never alone. Should the unexpected occur, we stand as solid as a lighthouse amidst uncertainty. Our proficient team sails smoothly through the rough seas of cancellations and rescheduling, providing quick, efficient assistance. Fueled by years of expert knowledge and fortified by a relentless resolve to serve you, AirFaresy is your beacon in the stormy weather of travel uncertainties, leading you from Baltimore to Bangor without a hitch.

Can I book my flight over the phone using AirFaresy's service?

Of course! AirFaresy extends its service, like a bridge, across multiple platforms. If typing on a screen isn't your cup of tea, our amiable and professional operators are just a call away. They'll paint a vivid picture of your flight options from Baltimore to Bangor with eloquence, embracing your preferences and ensuring your booking is as easy as a relaxing chat.

Flying on Southwest Airlines from BWI (Baltimore) to Bangor, Maine

Step into a thrilling adventure, each footstep a a daring leap into realms uncharted as you plan your journey from the bustling city life of Baltimore to the picturesque tranquility of Bangor. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or an excited first-timer, we're here to make your journey memorable and hassle-free on the wings of Southwest, the flag bearer of impeccable customer service and undeniable value-for-money.

Rejoice in the airfare deals that Southwest brings to your table, making your flying experience not just an expedition through the skies, but a journey of an economical triumph. Whether it's a one-way ticket or a round-trip, the fusion of budget-friendly flights and the comfort of top-tier service is what sets Southwest apart. Transcending the boundaries of cheap flights, Southwest redefines what it means to fly without breaking the bank.

Dive headfirst into the luxurious expanse of Southwest’s fleet. Unravel the difference between the enveloping comfort of economy class or the indulgent luxury of first-class. With each seat comes a promise of excellent in-flight services, turning a few hours of air travel into a relaxing, enjoyable experience. Southwest offers a variety of domestic flights with diverse flight schedules to suit everyone’s needs; seize the day and control your itinerary, you’re no longer at the mercy of predetermined flight schedules.

Avoid the stress of long layovers and enjoy the solace of direct flights. Imagine soaring through the sky, defying the very constraints of time and distance with the luxury of non-stop flights. Say goodbye to the tedium of connecting flights with Southwest's extensive network of direct flights and reach your destination faster than ever. Or, be a maverick and choose a layover; turn a pause into an opportunity, exclaiming the diversity of American cities on your way.

As a frequent flyer, imbue your journey of exploration with the color of rewards, courtesy of Southwest's mileage program. Travel brings unexpected surprises, but with Southwest's comprehensive flight cancellation policy, there's always a back-up plan in place to ensure your peace of mind, rendering any unexpected change not a calamity, but just another part of your adventure.

Soar through the clouds, witnessing the intimidating grandeur of metropolitan Baltimore slowly fading behind while the rustic beauty of Bangor beckons you ahead. As the city lights give way to the serene, verdant landscapes of Maine, be prepared to capture the breathtaking view from your window seat. Take a leap of faith with Southwest, where each journey navigates your story towards an exciting new chapter. The flight duration is nothing but a slice of time frozen in anticipation, full of stories yet to be written, and experiences yet to be savored.

Say yes to this journey, let loose the chains that held you back, rise over the trivialities and fly. Finer aspects like baggage allowance and reviews may guide you towards making an informed decision, but it's your thirst for exploration that truly illuminates the path towards an enriching experience.

Embrace the thrill of exploration and make your travel dreams come true with Southwest. For, flying is not just about reaching the destination, it's about witnessing life from a new perspective, beyond the horizons and above the clouds. To travel is to live - so, why not make living an adventure on Southwest?

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