Allegiant Airline Flights from Baltimore to General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport

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Affordable flights are a call away!

Fly Southwest: BWI to Peoria, Illinois

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Baltimore to General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Baltimore to General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport

John D.

Incredibly quick booking experience! The site was easy to navigate and super user-friendly. A+ would use again.

Allegiant Airline Flights from Baltimore to General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport

Amanda L.

I had to change my flight at the last minute, and their customer service over the phone came through. Stress-free and professional.​

Top tips for flying out of BWI (Baltimore) on Southwest Airlines to Peoria, IL

 Things Peoria, Illinois is Known For


Peoria, the pretty princess of the Prairie State, snuggles right up to the riverside, Flaunting the flora and fauna alike, the Great River Road is something to behold, people!


Calling all sailors (technically, passengers)! Climb aboard the Spirit of Peoria, a paddle-wheel riverboat that is more nostalgic than your grandma's apple pie.


Whether you're a big fan of big machines or not, the Caterpillar Visitors Center is a space where iron giants reign, quietly whispering "bet you can't move me!"


The Peoria Zoo, an animal enthusiast's utopia. Home to creatures from the four corners of the globe. Even the laziest sloth is eager to meet you.


A kid's dream-come-true and a parent's day-off-in-disguise, the Peoria Playhouse Children's Museum offers educational fun, playtime disguised as learning time.


Feast your eyes on a tangible treasure trove of history, science, art and achievement at the Peoria Riverfront Museum - culture vultures assemble!

FAQs for booking flights from BWI, Baltimore to Peoria, Illinois on Southwest

What makes AirFaresy the most suitable platform for booking a flight from Baltimore to Peoria?

At AirFaresy, we've mastered the art of streamlined ticket booking, with an impeccable array of choices at your fingertips. Our state-of-the-art algorithm ensures you always get the most competitive prices on the market, including Southwest. Moreover, our support system is top-tier, ensuring your travel planning is not only smooth, but also personalized.

How flexible is AirFaresy with booking and changing ticket details?

Our goal at AirFaresy is not just to meet, but exceed your travel expectations. We understand plans change, which is why we provide a simple, fuss-free process for modifying your reservation details. Whether you need to adjust your travel date or upgrade your seat class, our platform’s advanced flexibility is designed to cater to your needs.

How reliable is AirFaresy's customer service?

Our commitment to quality service is unwavering. AirFaresy boasts a responsive and adept customer service team, available around the clock to answer all your queries. Coupled with expertise and a friendly approach, we ensure a smooth and hassle-free booking process, anytime, anywhere.

What are the measures taken by AirFaresy for ensuring a safe and secure travel amid ongoing pandemic?

Your safety is paramount to us. AirFaresy constantly updates its strategies in tune with global health guidelines, ensuring your travel experience is not just enjoyable but safe too. From keeping tabs on airlines' safety protocols to providing you real-time updates, we're committed to offering a secured travel experience.

How does AirFaresy assist in saving money on booking a flight from Baltimore to Peoria?

We truly understand the value of your money. At AirFaresy, we provide you real-time price comparisons and alerts on price drops to help you gather savings. Our state-of-the-art tool ensures you always land the best deal in the market, leading to sizable savings on your travel.

Can AirFaresy accommodate specific needs related to dietary requirements and special assistance?

Absolutely, with AirFaresy, there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. We make it our mission to provide an inclusive travel experience. Regardless of your specific needs, we facilitate requests related to dietary needs, special assistance, seat preference and much more on Southwest and beyond. Just remember to provide these details during the booking process.

How can I avail the best deals on AirFaresy?

Availing best deals at AirFaresy is as simple as signing up for our alerts and staying updated. Our smart system constantly updates you with price changes, availing you the opportunity to seize the best deal the moment it arrives. Plus, our partnerships with major airlines including Southwest, enables us to offer exclusive deals you can't find anywhere else.

Flying on Southwest Airlines from BWI (Baltimore) to Peoria, Illinois

Well, well, well. I see you are a lover of risk and adventure, aren't you? You've only gone and decided to undertake the intrepid odyssey from Baltimore to Peoria by none other than one of the most beloved juggernauts of the skies - Southwest Airlines. Truly classy.

Before we begin, let me tell you a little secret. When it comes to Frequent flyer benefits, Southwest is the Gawain of the round table of airlines. Mark my words, arrange your words in any order, and you will never find enough ways to express their benevolence. These folks don't believe in that pesky concept of expiration. Yes, you heard it, your points, once earned, refuse to die and stick by your side forever, aiding you in embarking on all future 'affordable luxury' endeavors.

Now, let's dive straight into the itinerary. Baltimore to Peoria. There are no Direct flights, mind you. Wait! Where are you running off to? Hear me out! Would it help if I hinted at the possibility of shorter Flight duration? Or whispered in your ear that a layover could be your excuse to explore an unexpected location? See, I knew you'd perk up.

While on the topic of duration, be prepared to sign away nearly a half day of your life to this journey. Just visualize all the sweet treats, festive in-flight services, and the company of the angels in the blue and khaki uniforms you could enjoy during the course of your trip. Sublime.

Now then, the tale of the dreaded but sometimes rather intriguing layover. Depending on the day, you might have to endure this traumatic separation from the comforting confines of your Southwest plane in either Chicago or Nashville. But remember, an experienced traveler such as yourself knows how to find an adventure in every delay. I mean, weren't you looking for reasons to add to your collection of 'Cities-I've-set-foot-in'?

Then, let's talk about the pretty penny you'll be parting with for this avant-garde escapade. To ensure that your coffers don't take too much of a hit, you can be a part of the sorcery called last-minute flight bookings. These Flight deals are gamblers' nirvana. A solid pro tip on this line: Tuesday could be your best friend for savings. Who knew weekdays had a favourite, eh?

If you're wondering, "But what do I do with all of my traveling essentials?" - don't fret. Southwest is considerate enough to offer free checked Baggage allowance to the peasants. A miracle in today's age, wouldn't you agree? And for those of you visionaries who believe that 'more is less', you can always pay a few extra dollars for that third suitcase filled only with shoes. After all, one must always be prepared for any event, imagined or otherwise.

So there you have it, an enticing adventure served up on a silver platter. I must state, however, if you were picturing a first-class experience during your little jaunt from Baltimore to Peoria, unfortunately, Southwest only offers economy seating. But the good news is, you'll be in good company with your everyday proletariat, each of you cheering away in this airborne frat party.

Pack your bags, intrepid memeber of the flying public. Get ready to join the commoners in the democratic skies. Embrace the paradox that is Southwest – leveling the playing field of air travel between man and man, yet somehow always managing to rise above the rest. Happy flying!

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