Allegiant Airline Flights from Baltimore to Greenville Spartanburg International Airport

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Affordable flights are a call away!

Fly Southwest: BWI to Spartanburg, South Carolina

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Baltimore to Greenville Spartanburg International Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Baltimore to Greenville Spartanburg International Airport

Emma K.

Booking online was quick and easy. User-friendly interface! Absolutely loved it!

Allegiant Airline Flights from Baltimore to Greenville Spartanburg International Airport

Joshua F.

Phoned to change my flight - service was courteous and effective. Kudos!​

Top tips for flying out of BWI (Baltimore) on Southwest Airlines to Spartanburg, SC

 Things Spartanburg, South Carolina is Known For


In the epicseat of snobbery that is Spartanburg, one can trip over a historical music trail containing conduits for the unending symphony of yesteryears' greatest local artists. How daunting!


Touting an array of farmer's dull sweat drops turned green-gold veggies, this market is shockingly expanding local food access. What an audacious and truly shocking program of historical proportions!


Astonishingly, the Spartanburg Art Museum engulfs you with contemporary artworks, manages to juggle the task of community education with a humility that's hilarious given their achievements.


Adorned with Austrian cuisine, Gerhard's Café delivers grotesquely scrumptious food in a country where hotdogs are supposedly a delicacy… the audacity!


A mere 7,000-acre park providing outdoor recreation! Spartanburg, you’re too generous, and it’s starting to feel sarcastic.


Chapman Cultural Center has the audacity to jam-pack visual and performing arts with science and history. A satirical mix of 'know-it-all-ness' that’s audaciously hard to resist.

FAQs for booking flights from BWI, Baltimore to Spartanburg, South Carolina on Southwest

How can I request a direct flight from Baltimore to Spartanburg on AirFaresy?

Finding the right direct flight is as easy as pie on AirFaresy's website. Quite simply, input Baltimore as your departure location and Spartanburg as your destination. Click on filter options, there you will find, 'direct flights only', tick the box, and voila! All available direct flights will be at your fingertips. We ensure a streamlined process and a pleasant experience for you.

Can I find Southwest flights from Baltimore to Spartanburg on AirFaresy?

Absolutely! AirFaresy proudly partners with a myriad of airlines including Southwest. On initiating a search, just navigate to the 'Airlines' filter and select ‘Southwest.' In just a few clicks, you can access all Southwest flights available for your journey.

Can I book multi-city tickets through AirFaresy's website?

Yes, indeed! AirFaresy makes multi-city bookings truly effortless. Just select the 'multi-city' option at the start of your search process. You can then input your desired destinations to explore a vast array of options. We make your complex travel arrangements easy and hassle-free.

How can I secure the best deals on AirFaresy from Baltimore to Spartanburg?

Stay ahead of the game with AirFaresy's intuitive platform. You can sign up for price alerts so you don't miss out when fares decrease. Shop on Tuesday afternoons for traditionally discounted fares. Our symbol is your trust, and we always strive to offer the best deals for your trip.

Is it possible to reserve tickets through phone on AirFaresy?

Absolutely! At AirFaresy, we believe in offering flexible, user-friendly services. If you prefer to book over the phone, just dial our toll-free number. Our dedicated customer service team is standing by to assist you with your travel needs.

Does AirFaresy offer any special deals for frequent travelers?

Surely, we do! AirFaresy provides an array of benefits for frequent travelers. Just sign up for our Frequent Flyer program to enjoy potential savings and special offers. We make sure that your loyalty is rewarded.

Can I change my itinerary after booking on AirFaresy?

Yes, with AirFaresy, you have the flexibility to change your itinerary after booking. However, a change fee may apply depending on the airline. Visit our 'Help center' and 'Customer Service' sections for more detailed information. We’re here to assist you, making your travel as stress-free as possible.

Flying on Southwest Airlines from BWI (Baltimore) to Spartanburg, South Carolina

So, you've heard the siren call of Spartanburg and you're setting your compass South? Excellent choice, my dear wanderer. And you're planning to take to the skies with Southwest, winging it from the charm city of Baltimore? Even better. Let’s dive into this effortless airborne adventure.

Now, if you're a frequent flyer on Southwest, you probably need no convincing on the airline's merits. It's like that one friend who always brings the best snacks to the party, only this friend has wings. Not the kind from buffalo, but the ones that defy gravity and breeze through clouds.

But if you haven't been introduced, allow me to do the honors. When it comes to domestic flights in the USA, Southwest’s got it down to a fine art. While they don't do first-class, their economy class is jazzed up enough to make you feel like a winner. Economy class on Southwest is somewhat of an upbeat misnomer. They offer a comfortable legroom surprise and a complimentary "Wanna Get Away" ethos that resonates with the rambler in each of us.

Let’s talk baggage allowance - because we all have some, be it suitcases or existential questions about infinity. Good news, with Southwest’s robust baggage policy, you can bring both, and guess what? The first two checked bags fly free. Just ensure each bag weighs less than 50 pounds not including those existential questions – we all know those are weightless yet heavy.

Their in-flight services are the bubbles to your champagne, the cinnamon to your apple pie. Be it their cheeky and humorous flight attendants (whose safety demonstration could pass as a comedy sketch) or their free in-flight entertainment that'll have your hours soaring as you do, it's these little things that make a world of difference.

Let's get to the real meat of the journey - the flights. The best time to book your dreamy trip? Well, they say the early bird catches the best airfare deals - and who are we to argue with a well-fed bird? Cast your net early, and you'll likely reel in some incredible savings.

Now, the road - or, shall we say the flight path? - from Baltimore to Spartanburg isn’t always adorned with non-stop flights. On many days, you might find yourself on a bit of a layover at charming pit stops like Atlanta or Nashville. Grab an exquisite bite, stretch those legs, and soak up a new city before you're winging off again to your final destination.

The flight duration to Spartanburg, including a layover, usually oscillates between 3 to 6 hours, depending on your connecting flight. That’s just long enough for a nap, a couple of movies, or losing yourself in some dystopian novel (or is that just me?).

A final word to the wise: Southwest's flight cancellation policy is as friendly as their in-flight snacks. If you do change your mind, they don’t tug at your purse strings - simply rebook or get a credit for future flights.

So strap in, relax, and strike up a conversation with your seatmate. After all, with Southwest, you're not just flying; you're making memories at 39,000 feet. Onward to sunny Spartanburg!

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