Allegiant Airline Flights from Columbus to McGhee Tyson Airport

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Affordable flights are a call away!

Fly Southwest: CMH to Knoxville, Tennessee

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Columbus to McGhee Tyson Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Columbus to McGhee Tyson Airport

John D.

Easy and stress-free booking! Their website layout was user-friendly, where all the information I needed was right there.

Allegiant Airline Flights from Columbus to McGhee Tyson Airport

Emily T.

Their customer service is simply outstanding! I had to change my flight and the team was so accommodating and prompt over the phone.​

Top tips for flying out of CMH (Columbus) on Southwest Airlines to Knoxville, TN

 Things Knoxville, Tennessee is Known For


Imagine majestic peaks, rich with lush forests perfect for hikers yearning for natural beauty. Knoxville acts as a gateway to the Smokies, a UNESCO world heritage site teeming with diverse wildlife.


Housing over 28,000 students, the University of Tennessee is a vibrant educational hub. Graced by a spirited sports culture, it's known for its Volunteers football and unique 'Power T' symbol. Education and athletics harmoniously blend here.


Picture a whimsical urban space, boasting structures from the 1982 World's Fair. The Sunsphere, a golden globe towering over the Knoxville skyline, offers panoramic city views, making this park a must-visit.


Creativity flourishes in Knoxville with endless galleries, theaters, and public artworks. It's a city that truly values art, from the Knoxville Museum of Art to the vibrant murals adorning downtown streets.


Knoxville resonates with the twang of country music. Home to the WDVX radio station, it hosts the 'Blue Plate Special,' a live performance featuring music genres from bluegrass to soul. Knoxville is truly music for your ears and soul.


Be seduced by southern flavors in Knoxville's buzzing food scene. Savor soulful BBQ, locally sourced farm-to-table cuisine, and delicately crafted drinks from an array of distilleries and breweries. This city satiates every palate.

FAQs for booking flights from CMH, Columbus to Knoxville, Tennessee on Southwest

What are the upcoming flights from Columbus to Knoxville on Southwest?

Oh, thrilling times await you, traveler! Our AirFaresy service is up-to-date with Southwest's flight schedule. Simply visit our website or toss us a ring, and allow us to dive deep into an ocean of possibilities for your journey from Columbus to Knoxville. Fly, oh precious one, on the wings of Southwest.

Are there any discounts for senior citizens on AirFaresy?

Why, your wrinkles are nothing but the imprints of wisdom, aren't they? At AirFaresy, your age is a bonus! We proudly offer a hearty discount for senior citizens. We make your travel from Columbus to Knoxville not just memorable, but lighter on the pocket as well. Young at heart, we say!

Does AirFaresy have a mobile app for easier flight bookings?

Call it magic or technology; we're all about simplifying things! Download our AirFaresy app, where flight booking is as easy as pie. From Columbus to Knoxville, we're but a few taps away. It's flying made easy!

Can I reschedule my flight if there's a change in plans?

Flexibility is the key to a stress-free adventure, don’t you agree? AirFaresy understands. We've made rescheduling as breezy as a coastal drive. Adjust your time wings as you wish. From Columbus to Knoxville, we're with you, accommodating your plans, one flight at a time!

How early should I book my flight to get the best deal?

Ah, the thrill of anticipation! The golden rule of travel applies here too: The early bird catches the best deals. So come aboard, intrepid explorer! Get the best bargains on flights from Columbus to Knoxville by booking ahead on AirFaresy. Adventure (and a sweet deal) awaits!

What are the baggage policies for Southwest flights booked via AirFaresy?

Planning to bring some of Columbus to Knoxville? We've got you covered. AirFaresy provides detailed baggage policies tailored to each airline, including our delightful friends at Southwest. So pack your essentials, toss in a dash of whimsy, and leave the baggage worries to us!

Can I book a round trip or do I need to book separate tickets for the return?

A round-trip ticket sounds like a boomerang adventure, doesn't it? Absolutely you can book a round trip on AirFaresy! From Columbus to Knoxville and back again, your journey should be a seamless story and we’re here to make sure it is.

Flying on Southwest Airlines from CMH (Columbus) to Knoxville, Tennessee

Goodness me, there's nothing quite like the sizzle and pizzazz of an aeroplane trip, is there? Strapping oneself in, gazing out as suburban patchwork quilts give way to fluffy oceanic vistas, and digging into those unreasonably compact airline meals… it's all part of the adventure. Today, dear reader, we delve into yet another escapade - a sojourn on Southwest Airlines, taking flight from the beating heart of Ohio, Columbus, to the radiant jewel of the South, Knoxville.

First things first, in such grand escapades, one must ponder the practicalities. "Flights," you query, filled with anticipation, "what are my options?" Well, seasoned traveller, you can rest easy. The choices provided by Southwest Airlines are as diverse as the clouds outside your cabin window.

Perhaps you're a fan of non-stop journeys, the kind to pit your resolve against the vast temporal expanse from point A to B. The direct flights offered by the airlines are just the ticket, my friend. Leap across the states with the spirit of an explorer, laughing in the face of layovers!

On the other hand, maybe you value the journey just as much as the destination. In that case, connecting flights are the tire swing in your personal playground of choice. Enjoy a brief sojourn in St. Louis or a fleeting half hour in Houston as you munch through your picturesque airfare pilgrimage to Knoxville.

For the frugal globetrotter, Southwest excels, offering cheap flights, ripe for plucking in a very cornucopia of air-travel goodness. These heavenly discounts don’t skimp on in-flight services, so you can still relish a delightful airborne escapade without the premium price tag.

For spontaneous souls or those plagued by indecisive commitments, worry not. Southwest's last-minute flights are a nod to your free spirit and calendar ambiguity, catering to your volatility like a fluttering bird who suddenly needs to hop from one state to another.

Often, one cannot help but wax poetic about flights. However, the complimentary symphony of commotion that graces any flight—from the soft hum of the engine to the slight hustle of passer-by feet—is just as essential as the flight itself. The baggage allowance reigns supreme. Whether you're the free-wheeling nomad backpacker or the prepared-for-all-events deluxe packer, Southwest has room for every style.

Right about now, you may be deliberating the ideal seating category. Business class, economy class or first-class? The choice, like the friendly skies above you, is wide open. With Southwest's flexible range, you can choose the comfort of premium economy, dabble in economy class’s relatable constraints, or indulge in the royalty of first-class.

And what about those loyal explorers, the frequent flyers? It is only fair that Southwest extends a Mileage Program that befits their unwavering allegiance. Earn points with each flight, and perhaps your next soiree from Columbus to Knoxville might just be on the house!

Finally, for the question that tickles the mind of every flyer, when is the best time to book your flight? The truth, like a sneaky tailwind, is elusive but discernable. While weekdays generally offer better deals, signing up for flight deals notifications from Southwest could alert you to a golden opportunity.

So, dear reader, as your exhilarating voyage from Columbus to Knoxville awaits, remember, travel is but a dance with chance and opportunity - the rhythm, the timing, the movements, all in your hands. May your journey be, much like this note, entertaining, enlightening, and absolutely memorable.

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