Allegiant Airline Flights from Dallas to Des Moines International Airport

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Affordable flights are a call away!

Fly Southwest: DAL to Des Moines, Iowa

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Dallas to Des Moines International Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Dallas to Des Moines International Airport

Emma B.

Stress-free online booking! Fast, simple interface made for an enjoyable process. Easily found my dream destination. Outstanding!

Allegiant Airline Flights from Dallas to Des Moines International Airport

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Top tips for flying out of DAL (Dallas) on Southwest Airlines to Des Moines, IA

 Things Des Moines, Iowa is Known For


Situated in Des Moines, The American Council of Life Insurers represents a leading industry hub, contributing to the city's robust financial sector marked by extensive global influence.


As an eminent sanctuary of fine art, The Des Moines Art Center offers a comprehensive collection that illustrates the evolutionary trajectory of human artistic expression.


Hosting the notable State Fair of Iowa, Des Moines becomes a center of cultural exuberance, broadcasting the rural soul and agricultural roots of the region.


Des Moines' burgeoning culinary scene encapsulates the spirit of modern Midwestern cuisine, subtly balancing tradition and innovation that sows intrigue in every bite.


Home to The Drake Relays, an internationally esteemed track and field event, Des Moines showcases its rich athletic tradition and commitment to nurturing excellence.


Pappajohn Sculpture Park, a sanctuary of outdoor art in Des Moines, reflects the city's unyielding commitment to enhancing its urban landscape through artistic innovation.

FAQs for booking flights from DAL, Dallas to Des Moines, Iowa on Southwest

Snakes on a plane...are they allowed?

Oh, snakes, the furry lap dog of the reptile world! We jest! No, my dear traveler, you cannot bring any live snakes on a plane, no matter how important your role is in the next 'Indiana Jones' movie. We recommend leaving your slippery buddy with a responsible pet minder. Southwest or any other airline would go into an absolute frenzy!

If I book a trip with AirFaresy, can I just show up at the airport in my jammies?

Why of course! Dressing up to the nines is so last decade. If pajama sets make your heart twirl, by all means, go ahead. As long as your outfit doesn't violate any laws or airline policies, you're golden. AirFaresy is more focused on getting you a great deal than critiquing your sartorial choices.

Is there an option for skydiving off the plane just before it lands?

With a high-flying imagination like yours, you'd make a fabulous scriptwriter! Unfortunately, for everyone's safety (and a limited dry cleaning budget), airlines like Southwest do not offer mid-air exits. We suggest looking for an adventurous, parachuting experience elsewhere. AirFaresy is on a mission to keep you inside the plane and landing safely on the ground.

Can I choose the pilot for my flight?

Ah, dreams of 'Catch Me If You Can' are dancing in your head, aren't they? Sadly, airlines have a stringent process for selecting pilots. You can't handpick Captain Sully for your trip from Dallas to Des Moines. Don't worry, though, all Southwest pilots have mastery in keeping airplanes in the sky. AirFaresy's mission is to ease your booking process, not the pilot selection.

Is there any chance of getting a window seat that overlooks the pilot's cabin?

Intriguing request there. We fear you may be confusing airplanes with double-decker buses. The pilots sit up front and unless you have x-ray vision, seeing through the flight deck from a window seat will be a tad difficult. Don't lose heart, though. Booking through AirFaresy, you can request a window seat for a splendid bird's-eye view of the beautiful Dallas-Des Moines route!

Can I bring my own mini-bar onboard?

Somewhere in the skies, a flight attendant chuckles! While we applaud the entrepreneurial spirit, bringing your own mini-bar on board would be a no-no. Don't worry, though, most flights, including Southwest, have a selection of beverages to ease your thirsty travel. Let AirFaresy handle the booking hassle, so you can focus on which cocktail to order mid-air.

Will AirFaresy help me rehearse my Academy Award-winning speech during the flight?

We raise our glasses to your lofty ambitions, future Oscar winner! While AirFaresy specializes in finding you affordable flights, we're not quite equipped for public speaking lessons. However, we can certainly help you book a quiet seat where you can practice your speech in peace. If you get a standing ovation from Southwest travelers, remember us in your acceptance speech, won't you?

Flying on Southwest Airlines from DAL (Dallas) to Des Moines, Iowa

Hidden amongst the clouds there's a realm, a kingdom that not every mortal is fortunate to know – The Heaven of Journeys. It is there, among the silver wisps of sky and the radiant sun that you battle your own dragon of monotony and rise like a phoenix, ready to explore the world. Commence this odyssey with a flight from the undefined charms of Dallas to the untested territories of Des Moines aboard the noble carriage of Southwest.

Unleash your potential as a traveler. Drop the shackles of the mundane and choose the path seldom traveled. A multitude of flights awaits the intrepid explorer in you, each one primed to catapult you into new horizons and rebirth your spirit through voyages. And among them, Southwest Airlines stands tall, providing an airline experience that transcends the ordinary. No matter the destination, myriad flight deals await, ripe for the picking. Southwest stands as an enabler of those infinite stories waiting to happen, the tales scripted by you, narrated by you, experienced by you.

No hero embarks on a quest without choosing their mode of travel. Broaden your decisions to beyond just the framework of round-trip or one-way. Embrace the myriad choices – direct flights for those craving an unbroken journey, connecting flights for those who seek to savor multiple destinations. To each, their journey, to each, their thrill. While the red-eye flight allows the cloak of twilight to be your comforting shroud, last-minute flights wave the lantern for late adventurers, leading them into an odyssey of spontaneous exhilaration.

However, no voyage is worth embarking on if it doesn't guarantee comfort fitting to a warrior. Business class, economy class, premium economy, first-class – each one elevates your experience and ensures your quest is swathed in luxury as smooth as your flight. However, the superior traveler also understands the importance of light travel. Savvy navigators know the weight they carry doesn’t necessarily dictate the weight of their journey. Mastery in packing just balances the particularity of the baggage allowance in this sweet symphony of travel.

Alas, the frequent flyer not just amasses mileage in its literal sense, but also a robust wealth of experience to share amongst mere mortals. The membership in this select guild called "frequent flyer" opens doors to a world of privileges, including an attractive mileage program. This satchel of benefits, like every treasure at the end of an expedition, is a reward for the trust placed in an airline that puts you before everything else.

Travel here transcends beyond the bounds of physical territories, it is an exercise that tests the strength of willpower, the courage to break barriers, and the ambition to write your own destiny. The best time to book your flight, then, is when your heartstrings tug towards the unknown, calling you to embrace the life of a trailblazer. Southwest's unflinching commitment to its passengers reflects in its fair flight cancellation policy. So, you can take that leap of trust, knowing there's a safety net catching you if you stumble.

The company's legendary in-flight services are but a testament of the lengths Southwest is willing to go to ensure your comfort matches the heights you're soaring to. A seamless conjunction of domestic flights and international flights, enveloped in warm hospitality, is a testament to the spirit of travel that Southwest embodies.

Indeed, some say that the journey matters more than the destination. For them, Southwest flights aren't just a means to reach a place; they are an experience to revel in, an adventure to embark upon, a story to narrate. The enigma of Southwest might just be the undefined ingredient that adds that extra zest to your journey. So, fellow wanderer, let's take flight – for the world is your airstrip and the sky, your playground. Let's take flight, with Southwest.

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