Allegiant Airline Flights from Dallas to Los Angeles International Airport

Affordable flights are a call away!

Affordable flights are a call away!

Fly Southwest: DAL to Los Angeles, California

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Dallas to Los Angeles International Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Dallas to Los Angeles International Airport

Sarah T.

Pleasant booking experience. Was able to easily navigate the web portal and find a great deal. Nice intuitive interface, 5 stars from me!

Allegiant Airline Flights from Dallas to Los Angeles International Airport

Roger B.

Booked a flight for my family over the phone. The customer service was commendable. They really helped me find the best seats, big thanks.​

Top tips for flying out of DAL (Dallas) on Southwest Airlines to Los Angeles, CA

 Things Los Angeles, California is Known For


The Hollywood Sign, an unassuming behemoth of lettered perfection perched atop its hill with palpable smugness, twinkling with an irony that only comes from being an inanimate superstar.


Blessed with the sun-kissed skin of 85 degrees year-around, Venice Beach, LA's token of bohemian splendour, is yoked with an unusual mix of muscular show-offs and imaginative street performers.


The Getty Center, reclined in artistically calculated repose atop a hill, almost sarcastically offers an unparalleled view of the gluttonous metropolis while housing a spicy mix of European paintings, sculptures, and American photography.


In its glossy artifice and high-heeled swagger, Rodeo Drive shows off LA's status-conscious opulence. The road that hosts fashion-festooned retail palaces and ironically makes the world's richest feel relatively poor.


Perched high above the commonplace sprawl, the Griffith Observatory pokes fun at the stars by inviting everyone to take a peek. An elegant mocker of cosmic affairs, it's astronomy made accessible and divertingly delightful.


Flanked with meticulously arranged flowers and seasoned with a subtle sense of irony, LA's Bouquet Street is the city's botanic spectacle garnished with nature’s most ebullient raconteurs - Flowers.

FAQs for booking flights from DAL, Dallas to Los Angeles, California on Southwest

Oh, so how would I book a flight from Dallas to Los Angeles with AirFaresy? Because clearly I'm incapable of figuring out on my own

It's super hard, we know. To book a flight, all you have to do is go to our website, Right there on the homepage you'll be able to fill in your details, choose your desired flight, then proceed to checkout. Don't worry, we've made sure it's as user-unfriendly as possible, because evidently the rest of the internet isn't quite hard enough to navigate.

Can I book over the phone too with AirFaresy? Because you know technology these days...

Yes, indeed you can. Because we totally get it – smartphones can be so confusing, especially when confronted with an oversimplified, mobile-friendly website. So yes, you can always dial our toll-free number if you want to kick it back to the '90s. Our super friendly and highly patient agents are more than ready to help.

Can I fly with Southwest Airlines?

Absolutely! Because we all know that you have such a deep, profound emotional connection with Southwest, don't you? We at AirFaresy have access to book flights with Southwest and many other airlines. Just let us know your preference when booking!

How can I choose my seat with your AirFaresy website? I'd like my unlimited legroom and undisturbed window view

Well, aren't we picky! But don't worry, during the booking process on our website, you can select your preferred seat. You can stretch out those legs of yours and gaze at the clouds to your heart's content.

Do you offer travel insurance? Not that I'm a bit insecure or anything...

We do! Because all optimists need insurance, right? During the online booking process, you'll have an option to include travel insurance. And don't worry, we're sure that lightning strike is way off... probably.

Do you have any promotion or discount I should know about? Because saving a dime makes me feel better about my financial situations

Of course, we do. And don’t worry, we understand - every penny counts, especially when you're counting penny candy. Just sign up to receive our emails or regularly check our website for any promotional offers and discounts, because we wouldn't want you missing out on the opportunity to save that extra dime.

What are the luggage rules? Because I'd like to bring my entire wardrobe along

Ah, the age-old question of the modern nomad. The luggage rules can vary depending on the airline. But don’t worry, all hope is not lost - you can conveniently find this information on our website during the booking process. So rest assured, you won't have to part with your polka-dot socks.

Flying on Southwest Airlines from DAL (Dallas) to Los Angeles, California

Greetings, adventurous voyager, a winged scribe here! As a fellow sky hopper, I highly recommend the tireless turbine titans of Southwest for your upcoming journey from the land of cowboy boots and delicious barbecue - Dallas, to the enchanting realm of palm trees and dream factories - Los Angeles.

Imagine cantering on this iron pegasus, rising above roseate Texan landscapes towards the encrusted amethyst horizon of California, all in a seamless, fairy-like journey! Ah, a non-stop flight! Like a cup of scorching coffee without the perfunctory cake and small talk. You simply—hear the punch line?—get to the point. The flight duration? I ponder in jest, time’s a lost tick-tocking pocket watch when sandy beaches and foggy Hollywood lights loom ahead!

But what's that you say? You thrive on suspense? A thriller of a layover stirs your heart? Aha! Then Southwest's vast web of connecting flights is your labyrinth. You could jet between the Uncle Sam's living room corners, experiencing little teaser glimpses of your American odyssey puzzle. It's jet-setter's game of hopscotch!

Now, fellow traveler, I'd weave whispers of affordability your way. Indeed, my magically conversing parrot right here would holler, "cheap flights, cheap flights!" Yet, hush now, Polly! We aim to showcase accuracy over attention-grabbing quips. Affordability, dear reader, is subjective. Nonetheless, Southwest, with its chivalrous honor code, does strive to provide pleasantly affordable airfare, catering to the frugal bon-vivant in your thrifty soul.

Lament not, oh prestigious businessman or starry-eyed thespian, Southwest’s got a class for your taste. From the cozy comfort of economy class to the luxurious first-class—it's not just a seat, it's a touch of heaven at 30,000 feet! Bet you’d feel like shaking hands with Olympus-dwelling Zeus himself!

For our luggage-laden friends, lo and behold, Southwest’s baggage allowance understands your sentimental attachment to that extra pair of flip-flops and the chosen surfboard. Together they celebrate your abundant flying fashion and accommodate it in an oversized benevolent belly, of course, without any penny-pinching smirks.

If my insider tips tickle your frequent flyer aspirations, prepare to fall head over heels for Southwest's mileage program. Ah, those accumulated miles, dear wayfarer, are not just numbers. They're your passport to discounted voyages, your treasure map to desirable flight deals, and your badge of honor among the high-flying elite. Acclaimed voyagers even get to pre-board the craft—now, how's that for a royal treatment?

Oh, and one more thing-- slightly vexing, I confess, yet crucially imperative-- Southwest, in its earnest constancy, maintains an equitable flight cancellation policy. A delayed flight doesn’t have Gods frowning upon your travel plans. A unforeseen circumstance doesn’t have you pull out your hair. Rest assured, for Southwest’s understanding is as vast as the azure skies it reigns!

So there you have it, my brave explorer! Relishing this theatrical tale of Southwest's air riding saga? I'd say, prepare for revelries of in-flight services, the luxuries of a kingship, and a brilliant spectacle from Dallas to Los Angeles. 'Undefined' in Dallas? Sounds to me like a mystery, a pit stop in your quest!

Indeed, a flight that ignites your senses, tickles your funny bone, and whisks you away—a scribe's narrative might not do it justice. But, as you spread your wings with Southwest, remember: Not just the destination but the journey is the grand reward. Buckle up, for it's time we emulate the birds, and take flight!

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