Allegiant Airline Flights from Houston to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

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Affordable flights are a call away!

Fly Southwest: IAH to Glendale, Arizona

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Houston to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Houston to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Fredrick B.

Efficient online booking. Smooth experience, no technical bugs. Worth commending!

Allegiant Airline Flights from Houston to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

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Top tips for flying out of IAH (Houston) on Southwest Airlines to Glendale, AZ

 Things Glendale, Arizona is Known For


Home of the NFL's Arizona Cardinals, State Farm Stadium's retractable roof & field ferris wheel provide a distinctive spectator experience while bolstering the city's sports culture.


More than just a feast for the taste buds, Glendale's Chocolate Festival, celebrated each February, also entertains attendees with live music, art and craft demonstrations.


The charming, historic downtown district of Glendale, also known as Antique Row, lures antiquarians with its fascinating vintage shops brimming with treasures from bygone eras.


An economic catalyst for Glendale, Arrowhead Town Center, a bustling shopping center, offers a vast array of retail stores, dining establishments, and specialty boutiques.


The Glendale Jazz and Blues Festival is a testament to the city's cultural vibrancy, bringing together world-class artists in a celebration of genre-spanning music.


Boasting 30,000 acres of desert and mountain landscape, White Tank Mountain Regional Park offers breathtaking hiking trails and campgrounds for adventure lovers.

FAQs for booking flights from IAH, Houston to Glendale, Arizona on Southwest

Is it really true that AirFaresy can help me book a flight from Houston to Glendale?

Oh, absolutely! In fact, AirFaresy exists solely to cater to your travel whims! We're like your personal genie, poised to conjure up the best flight deals just for you.

Will booking a flight with Southwest be a herculean task?

Oh, fear not! With AirFaresy, you'll likely find booking a Southwest flight a walk in the park, or a flight in the sky, so to say. All you need do is specify your dates and preferences, and voila! Your ticket awaits.

Does AirFaresy offer any unbelievable discounts?

Of course, we do! We're practically giving them away! Just kidding, but seriously, we do have some fantastic discounts that might make your wallet very, very happy.

What if I exclusively want to fly with Southwest?

Well, aren't you in luck? Our sophisticated booking system love playing matchmaker between you and your preferred airlines. If Southwest is your heart's desire, Southwest it shall be!

Does AirFaresy provide customer service that's out of this world?

Why, yes! We offer customer service that's from another planet! Whether you want to book online or over the phone, our travel wizards are always on call to ensure your booking process is smoother than a glass of well-aged whisky.

Can AirFaresy provide alternatives to Southwest?

Sure thing! If you ever get a wild hankering to stray from beloved Southwest, we're more than equipped to show you a smorgasbord of alluring alternatives.

Can AirFaresy assist me with travel complications once I've booked my ticket?

Oh, we'll always be there for you, like that clingy friend you can't shake off. Jokes apart, our dedicated support team is always there to help you handle any hiccups that might pop up during your travel with utmost care!

Flying on Southwest Airlines from IAH (Houston) to Glendale, Arizona

Just as the sun began to peek through the convenience store's dusty window, Rusty stepped back away from the counter and cast a side-long glance at his lonely vehicle in the parking lot. He gave his eyes a moment to adjust, nursing his third cup of bitter coffee in his calloused hands, quietly dreading the idea of yet another long drive. Flicking an imaginary fleck from his shirt, he pondered whether it might be time to entertain a different approach.

Through a conversation with a friendly passerby, Rusty discovered the idea of taking to the skies. Flying, that's what the stranger had suggested. The tall man with the weather-beaten hat had spoken passionately about Southwest Airlines, a company that served Texas from the Houston hubs to destinations across the country. His stories painted an image that grew tantalizing with each word - of a world where ground-moving monotonities transformed into tranquil cloud-parting escapades. Was he ready? Rusty wondered. But then, why not?

Options suddenly opened, Rusty decided to venture out, try an airborne journey instead. Next destination? Glendale. A "one-way" ticket, that's what he had asked for, an insatiable thirst for change had suddenly taken over him. Southwest's flight schedule was accommodating, allowing him the liberty to choose the best time to book. The affordable airfare was an even more pleasant surprise; with so many cheap flights on offer, his journey was becoming more feasible than he'd dared to anticipate.

The magic of this newfound solution didn't end there. Rusty could select from a variety of flight routes too. Non-stop for when he was in a hurry - he'd have to remember that for future trips. Right now, he was feeling adventurous, so he booked a journey with a layover. He was gripped with a giddy delight as he thought about the bustling airports he would get to explore.

Feeling bold, Rusty pushed the boat out and treated himself to business class. Plush seats and extra legroom, he recalled the friendly stranger mentioning. And of course, a more generous baggage allowance. He was starting to understand the stranger’s enthusiasm better now. He had every intention to enjoy the first-class in-flight services onboard. And just in case, he thought with a smile, Southwest promises a hassle-free flight cancellation policy.

But the highlight of his journey? That would be Seattle, sandwiched between Houston and Glendale. Not just a layover, but a chance to revisit old memories, reconnect with past dreams. Rusty felt a tingling anticipation for the journey. He was ready; to catch the tail of adventure, to steer his life in a new, thrilling direction.

Southwest's airline reviews, the flight duration, the frequency of international and domestic flights; everything seemed nearly perfect. And how could he forget? The stranger had nudged him to check out the mileage program too - a little 'thank you' the airlines reward their frequent flyers with, a warm pat on the back for their loyalty.

Rusty took one last sip of his coffee, head swimming with a giddy apprehension. Flying, you say? He glanced at his weathered truck through the steamy window. Flying, yes. Up in the clouds, looking down at the shrinking world below. Southwest, his chariot in the sky; Glendale, his next port of call. For a man whose world was just extended far beyond road markers, a one-way ticket was starting to look like a very good idea.

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