Allegiant Airline Flights from Houston to Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport

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Affordable flights are a call away!

Fly Southwest: IAH to Little Rock, Arkansas

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Houston to Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Houston to Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport

Micheal T.

Booking was a breeze! The online interface was very user-friendly and straightforward. Definitely my top choice for future trips.

Allegiant Airline Flights from Houston to Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport

Sarah D.

My plans changed last minute and I had to adjust my flight. This company's phone service was extremely helpful, and the process was smooth and hassle-free!​

Top tips for flying out of IAH (Houston) on Southwest Airlines to Little Rock, AR

 Things Little Rock, Arkansas is Known For


Because, obviously, the most relatable city to house the presidential memorabilia of high-power Bill Clinton is Little Rock, right? Yet, the vibrant plumage of politics and history on display is commendable.


Eating, drinking, art - Little Rock ensures you never run out of your quota of recreation with this fabulous district. It’s as if they're trying to make us believe they're a mini New York City.


Don't be fooled by the name. Little Rock Zoo, with over 700 animals, shows this quaint city's love for going big, making you rethink your definition of 'little'.


A visually spectacular park nestled by the Arkansas River! Little Rock has its own 'Central Park'. Surely, with 33 acres of pure aesthetic beauty, it's a must-visit…if you're into that sort of thing.


Stone edifice? Check. Neoclassical style? Check. Grandeur oozing at every spectra? Double-check. Little Rock's attempt to emulate Washington D.C. is cute, really!


Big Dam Bridge, Little Rock - the irony is simply uncanny. But, don't get it twisted! This is the longest pedestrian-cycling bridge in North America. Overcompensating much, perhaps?

FAQs for booking flights from IAH, Houston to Little Rock, Arkansas on Southwest

What's the easiest way to book a flight from Houston to Little Rock on AirFaresy?

It's a total breeze. All you've got to do is visit our user-friendly AirFaresy website or give us a quick ring over the phone. Our system is designed to make your booking experience as smooth as possible. Plus, our helpful customer service experts are on standby to assist you with any queries you might have. Easy-peasy, right?

Are flights from Houston to Little Rock usually less expensive at any particular time of day or week?

Funny you should ask! Indeed, our savvy statisticians at AirFaresy have noticed some trends. Typically, midweek flights can be less expensive than weekend jaunts. Also, flights that depart during less popular hours (think early morning or late night) generally come with a lighter price tag. But you know, prices do vary, so better always check the current rates.

How much luggage am I allowed to bring on my flight to Little Rock?

Great question. It really depends on which airline you're flying with. For instance, Southwest? They're pretty generous, allowing two checked bags and one carry-on for free. As for the exact weight and dimension restrictions, you might want to check the airline's policy. But remember, we at AirFaresy are always here to guide you through such details.

Is it easy to alter my flight details after making a booking online with AirFaresy?

You bet! We know life can throw us curveballs, so we've made changes and cancellations walk-in-the-park easy. All you need to do is to log into your account on our website or give our customer service a call. We excel at smoothing out those travel plan wrinkles, so you needn't worry about a thing.

Besides Southwest, are there other airlines offering flights from Houston to Little Rock on AirFaresy?

Absolutely! While Southwest is a beloved option, we at AirFaresy also partner up with a whole host of airlines to present you with a smorgasbord of options. From major carriers to smaller regional airlines, you'll find plentiful choices to satisfy your unique flight requirements.

Does AirFaresy offer any special deals or discounts on flights to Little Rock?

Do we? Yes, indeed! At AirFaresy, we love a good deal as much as the next person. We regularly roll out offers, discounts and specials for our customers. Just keep an eye on our website or sign up for our newsletter, and those juicy flight deals will be heading your way.

Can I purchase travel insurance through AirFaresy when booking my flight?

You certainly can! We know that a little peace of mind can make your journey all the sweeter. That's why we're proud to offer customizable travel insurance options right there during the booking process. Not only does this save you time, but it also ensures that you're covered from the get-go. Just another way that we at AirFaresy strive to make your travel experience the best it can be.

Flying on Southwest Airlines from IAH (Houston) to Little Rock, Arkansas

If you're planning your next adventure from the majestic city of Houston to the diverse landscapes of Little Rock, you might be considering flying with Southwest. This top-rated airline offers a variety of services and amenities that can significantly enhance your travel experience. From direct flights to an impressive frequent flyer program, you can find something to suit all your needs.

One of the major considerations when booking a flight is the airfare. Southwest is well-known for its reasonable pricing structure that caters to a wide variety of travelers. Whether you're looking for a one-way trip or a round-trip journey, Southwest provides affordable options, often offering attractive flight deals that can further reduce your outlay. It's always recommended to check Southwest's official website or a reliable ticket aggregator to find the best fares available.

If time is of the essence, consider booking a direct flight from Houston to Little Rock. While these flights might come with a slightly higher price tag, you can save valuable time by avoiding layovers and connecting flights. Southwest's non-stop flights feature a swift and efficient boarding process, which contributes to a smooth and hassle-free experience. The typical flight duration for a non-stop flight along this route is roughly two hours and five minutes.

Southwest understands that traveling is not only about reaching the destination; it's also about the journey. Therefore, the airline offers an array of in-flight services designed to make your journey both comfortable and entertaining. From in-flight WiFi to a huge selection of TV shows, games, and music, you'll remain engaged throughout your flight. Premium economy and business class passengers enjoy even more luxurious amenities, including premium cuisine and extra comfortable seating.

When planning your travel, understanding the baggage allowance is crucial to avoid any unexpected fees at the airport. Southwest provides generous baggage allowances, allowing two checked bags per passenger without any additional cost. This is favorable compared to many other airlines, particularly if you're traveling with substantial luggage.

For the regular traveler, Southwest's frequent flyer program, Rapid Rewards, offers an opportunity to earn flight points on every journey. These points can be redeemed for future flights, making it an excellent incentive for those who frequently fly Southwest. The program is tier-based, with escalating benefits as you advance through the tiers.

Noting the flight schedule is also important when booking your journey. Southwest offers several daily flights from Houston to Little Rock. Early morning departures are ideal if you want to make the most of your day in Little Rock, while late evening options are perfect for business travelers or those who prefer night travel. Take note of the flight schedules to ensure you find an option that best suits your personal or professional requirements.

Lastly, remember that even the best-laid plans can sometimes go awry. Southwest's flight cancellation policy is designed to be fair and customer-friendly, offering flexibility should your plans change. You can cancel your booking up to 10 minutes prior to your scheduled departure and use the fare towards a future flight, valid up to 12 months from the original purchase.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided here is current at the time of writing. To confirm the details and to book your journey, kindly refer to the official Southwest Airlines website or get in touch with their customer service team. Safe future travels!

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