Allegiant Airline Flights from Houston to Oakland International Airport

Affordable flights are a call away!

Affordable flights are a call away!

Fly Southwest: IAH to Oakland, California

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Houston to Oakland International Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Houston to Oakland International Airport

Alice C.

Easy peasy! The website was user-friendly for booking a flight. Detailed instructions surely made this technophobe's life easier!

Allegiant Airline Flights from Houston to Oakland International Airport

Bob K.

I just called to book my flight, and the customer service was excellent! The representative was patient and coursed me through the booking process.​

Top tips for flying out of IAH (Houston) on Southwest Airlines to Oakland, CA

 Things Oakland, California is Known For


Oakland glistens under the reflection of Lake Merritt. Indulge in this urban oasis, embrace the community spirit, and embark on a self-discovery journey around its wonderful 3.4-mile track.


Nestled within Oakland, Temescal Alley fosters creativity. Surround yourself with unique entrepreneurial spirit; enrich your perspective, and spark your motivation to accomplish remarkable feats.


Bask in California's rich heritage at this marvel. Let history empower your thoughts, broaden your outlook, and inspire you to weave your own unique narrative.


Cause your dreams to rocket sky-high! Experience the grandeur of space, let it stimulate your thoughts and nudge your ambitions to go beyond earthly barriers.


Stand witness to Oakland's vibrant art scene at the Jack London Square. Embrace the colors, soak in their stories and ignite your ability to create.


Feel the pulse of Oakland at the Grand Lake Farmers Market. Indulge in the richness of locally-sourced produce, savor the community spirit and cultivate a healthier way of life.

FAQs for booking flights from IAH, Houston to Oakland, California on Southwest

Is AirFaresy really that great or am I being lured into your emotion-filled marketing spiel?

Dear Traveler, as much as we cherish your skepticism, we must say AirFaresy is truly breathtakingly incredible! Just as Houston is not merely a city but a hub of alluring diversity and shimmering nightlife, our services are not merely about booking flights. We cater to your whims and desires, molding our offerings to fit your precise needs, making your journey from Houston to Oakland as enchanting as a gripping novel by a Pulitzer-winning author.

AirFaresy, are you on a mission to dry up my pockets with flight bookings?

Well, dear money-conscious traveler, we, at AirFaresy, are more inclined to fill your life with unforgettable memories than draining your financial reservoirs. In our valiant quest to make world travel a privilege rather than a luxury, we serve as brokers of joy. Our affordable fares for flights from Houston to Oakland on Southwest or any other air chariot of your choice are testaments to our solemn oath.

Will AirFaresy abandon me if I prefer another airline to Southwest?

God forbid! We welcome your rebellious spirit and honor your audacity to sway away from prescribed choices. Should your heart desire to fly via Unicorn Air, Magic Carpet Express, or any other bewitchingly named airline from Houston to Oakland, we at AirFaresy stand ready. Your wish is our command; your preference our strategy.

What if I've never booked a flight online before and I'm panicking just at the thought?

Fear not! We've traversed the digital jungle of despair and emerged with a simple, user-friendly website platform. Our intuitive website is designed to be as easy to navigate as Houston's sweeping freeways, making your journey from initiating booking to boarding the flight as smooth as a Californian sunset.

Am I doomed if I don't have access to the internet but need to book flights?

On the brink of desolation, you shall find a beacon of hope in the guise of our robust over-the-phone booking service. Our charming representatives display unrelenting commitment, making it their life's mission to deliver flight booking services that are as reliable and satisfying as a Texan barbecue!

What about customer service? Is it as non-existent as some airlines' in-flight meals?

Our customer service is as real and commendable as the palpable excitement of exploring Oakland. It is like an ever-glowing lighthouse in the roiling sea of complexities that surround air travel. Our representatives passionately work around the clock, ready to leap to your assistance faster than you can say 'BINGO!'.

Why should I trust AirFaresy when there are a million other booking services out there?

We're unlike any other, our dear discerning traveler! AirFaresy is not merely intent on booking flights, we're determined to set hearts aflutter. We’re less of a corporate behemoth and more of an eager, over-enthusiastic golden retriever waiting to fetch you the best deals from Houston to Oakland. Trust us, and embark on a journey of unexpected delights and sweet cost savings!

Flying on Southwest Airlines from IAH (Houston) to Oakland, California

Like an arcane chant that sets the universe in motion, the word 'flights' holds an enigmatic power for those who comprehend its essence. It evokes the image of man, not fated to be bound by Earth's gravity, yet travelling through the air's unseen paths, efflorescent with the allure of freedom. It is this sense of liberated journeying that has been embodied passionately by Southwest, a master scribe in the placid tale of aviation.

The incandescent morning sun embraces Houston in its warm, golden hues as your one-way pursuit of adventure springs to life. Your voyage from the undefined mysteries of Houston to the concretely picturesque realm of Oakland scripts an ethereal narrative, penned in the invisible ink of the skies. Deciphering this cryptic language, Southwest unravels a comprehensive cipher of 'airfare,' adjusting its quill to the thin parchment of your budget, ensuring access to this mystical mid-air symphony remains within your reach.

There are those who desire 'direct flights,' an unbroken journey that soars above terrestrial impediments, unhindered, untouched. Such pioneers may indulge in the luxury of Southwest's non-stop offerings, propelling forward with relentless momentum, stitching the two cities together through a seamless, celestial seam. For the more adventurous, the 'connecting flights' provide an alluring detour in the voyage, a momentary layover journeying into another city's heart before spiraling upwards again towards the intended destination.

Sometimes, the urge to swoop off into the skies catches you unaware, unprepared. Last-minute flights are then like saviors, answering your calls imbued with urgency. Southwest sculpts these offerings with precision, ensuring that financial constraints do not cloud your vision of the open azure skies above.

Each stroke in this grand travel narrative is imbued with a sense of authenticity and honesty that assists you in deciphering the ever-changing pattern of 'flight deals,' allowing for an orchestrated symphony of affordable airfare and unmatched service. Southwest's domestic flights reframe the mundane into the extraordinary, recreating the wonder and excitement of first-class travel within the confines of an economy class ticket.

While flight duration remains an important variable in this equation, what sets Southwest apart is its enchanting 'in-flight services,' an all-embracing cocoon of comforts that make the time spent suspended in the atmosphere a celestial retreat. From the enticing cuisine to the entertainment options that dance upon the screen before you, everything echoes Southwest's commitment to making your journey more than just a movement from point A to B.

Beneath the poetic dynamics of flights lies an all-important aspect: the 'baggage allowance.' Southwest has deftly weaved this into its mystical canvas, ensuring that your travel essentials remain by your side, like trusted companions in an epic voyage.

In the celestial narrative of Southwest, the 'frequent flyer' assumes the role of a protagonist, their voyages immortalized through the 'mileage program.' Here, each journey accrues its significance, transforming the travelers into unsung heroes who defy the laws of gravity to taste freedom.

As the tale concludes here, it is essential to remember that no epic is inscribed in one go; different versions emerge as the quill sketches them upon the canvas of reality. Similarly, Southwest's continuous evolution sheds light on its 'flight cancellation policy,' offering flexibility and understanding in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

If this tale has stirred within you a longing for the skies, remember that the best time to book is when your spirit yearns to break free, to experience the mystical veil between reality and the celestial realms above. This is the power of Southwest, a story-teller, a journey-maker; here to script your most profound travel narratives in the boundless sheet of the sky.

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